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Authors Title Contribution
BRENNER M & E MILLESI Reintroducing European ground squirrels: stress coping in a soft release enclosure (talk)
BUZADZIC B, PANIC A, JANKOVIC A, OTASEVIC V, STANCIC A, VUCETIC M, KORAC A, MARKELIC M, VELICKOVIC K, GOLIC I & B KORAC Molecular characteristics of oxidative and antioxidant capacity of Spermophilus citellus kidney in hibernation - initiation of a resistant phenotype well before hibernation induction (poster)
ĆOSIĆ N, I JARIĆ & D ĆIROVIĆ Minimum viable population size for the European ground squirrel (Spermophilus citellus) (talk)
GEDEON CI, HOFFMANN IE, VACZI O, KNAUER F & F SUCHENTRUNK Population size, ecological isolation, and genetic diversity in European ground squirrels (poster)
GÜR H & U PERKTAŞ Understanding past climate-driven range shifts and demographic events: the story of Anatolian ground squirrels (talk)
GYŐRI-KOÓSZ B, KATONA K & S FARAGÓ Seasonal shift in the diet of the European ground squirrel (Spermophilus citellus) in Hungarian dry grasslands (talk)
HEGYELI ZS, BÓNÉ G, FÜLÖP T & A NAGY Vulnerability of European ground squirrel colonies in the Pannonian region of Romania (poster)
HERZIG-STRASCHIL B & E SCHMELZER The European ground squirrel (Spermophilus citellus) in Burgenland, Austria: 1950ies to 2013 (talk)
HOFFMANN IE & W HABERL The case of the 'Brünnerstrassler Ziesel': Incidence of a lightish phenotype in an Austrian population of Spermophilus citellus (talk)
IVANOVA AD, ERMAKOV OA, SURIN VL & NA FORMOZOV The structure of the Spermophilus erythrogenys superspecies according to sequencing data for the control region of mtDNA (poster)
KART GÜR M, KANKILIÇ T & H GÜR Differences in the patterns of heterothermy in two free-living populations of Anatolian ground squirrels (talk)
KNOLL T Dealing with Article 16 of the Habitats Directive by the example of Spermophilus citellus (working title) (talk)
KOŃCZAK J, KEPEL A & G WOJTASZYN Ten years of European-ground-squirrel reintroduction in Poland (poster)
LŐBBOVÁ D & E HAPL Conservation of the European ground squirrel (Mammalia: Rodentia) in Slovakia: Results of the current reintroduction program (talk)
MATĚJŮ J, SCHNITZEROVÁ P, UHLÍKOVÁ J & J VĚTROVCOVÁ Eleven years of European ground squirrel monitoring in the Czech Republic (talk)
MATROSOVA VA, SAVINETSKAYA LE, SHEKAROVA ON, PROYAVKA (PIVANOVA) SV, RUSIN M Yu, RASHEVSKA AV, VOLODIN IA, VOLODINA EV & AV TCHABOVSKY Relations between genetic, geographic and acoustic distances in five populations of speckled ground squirrels Spermophilus suslicus (talk)
NIKOLIĆ T, RADIŠIĆ D, AROK M, MIRČ M, ĆOSIĆ N & D ĆIROVIĆ Habitat maps of European ground squirrel (Spermophilus citellus) in the south-eastern Pannonian plain (Vojvodina, Serbia) (talk)
SAVIN A, MUNTEANU A, NISTREANU V, SITNIC V & A LARION On the state of the European ground squirrel (Spermophilus citellus) in the Republic of Moldova (talk)
SCHMELZER E & B HERZIG-STRASCHIL Conservation program of the European Ground Squirrel (Spermophilus citellus) in Burgenland, Austria (poster)
SCHNEIDEROVÁ I, SCHNITZEROVÁ P, UHLÍKOVÁ J, BRANDL P & J MATĚJŮ Ontogeny of the alarm call in the European ground squirrel (Spermophilus citellus): findings from a semi-natural enclosure (talk)
VÁCZI O, BAKÓ B, VARGA I, BARA K & R ÉRDINÉ SZEKERES Long-term, countrywide biodiversity monitoring of European ground squirrels in Hungary (talk)
VASILIEVA NA & AV TCHABOVSKY The early bird catches the worm: the time of emergence affects female reproduction in yellow ground squirrels (talk)
VASILIEVA NA & AV TCHABOVSKY Age of maturation in yellow ground squirrel males (Spermophilus fulvus) (poster)
VĚTROVCOVÁ J, MATĚJŮ J, BRANDL P, BÍNA P, UHLÍKOVÁ J, NOVOTNÁ K, STARCOVÁ M, SCHNEIDEROVÁ I & P SCHNITZEROVÁ Semi-natural breeding of European ground squirrels within its Action Plan in Prague Zoo – development over years and gained experience (talk)
VUCETIC M, OTASEVIC V, STANCIC A, JANKOVIC A, STAMATOVIC S, KORAC, MARKELIC M, VELICKOVIC K, GOLIC I, BUZADZIC B & B KORAC Energy challenges and oxygen (un)availability – key players in pre-hibernation’s molecular changes essential for euthermy abandonment in Spermophilus citellus (talk)
ZAHARIA E, BALTAG Ş, PETRENCU L & L FASOLĂ Distribution and habitat selectivity of the European ground Squirrel (Spermophilus citellus) in Eastern Romania (poster)

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